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God is love, in love he offers healing in a whole spectrum of ways to all people.


Our motive for ministry is to be obedient to God’s call to join him in offering his healing and compassion to the world.

We understand healing to be a movement towards fullness of life lived in loving relationship with God, ourselves and others. When we pray for people’s healing, we find that some are restored to wholeness, others come to terms with loss, others find meaning in suffering. In these ways and others, we see God meeting a person at their point of need.

Healing requires faith, a grace which draws us to God trusting that he is our heavenly father who loves us in ways known and mysterious. We do not dictate the healing we require but trust the goodness of the gifts God wishes to give. We accept that at best we are healed into dying bodies and whilst we may find temporary reversal of a disease or the alleviation of distress, complete wellbeing comes when we are resurrected from death into new physical life.

In faith we come prayerfully into God’s presence, submit to God's will and ask for God's power to be known as the healing Spirit of Christ flows through us. It is possible for the healing flow to be restricted or frustrated, issues such as unforgiveness and sin may need to be addressed. Every healing encounter is unique and in all God is sovereign.


Our model of praying for healing follows a pattern described by the Iona communityand requires a series of movements to occur over a period of time.

 We sit alongside the one requiring healing – to listen to their concerns.

We kneel with the one requiring healing – to bring them before their God.

We stand before the one requiring healing – to express the healing authority of Jesus to them.

We conclude each occasion of healing encounter with a blessing.


As we commence the healing journey, we offer our time to listen prayerfully to the concerns a person has. We may discern that to avoid inhibiting healing there is a need for a person to be forgiven or to forgive. If so we would encourage this process of reconciliation to commence.


Having heard the persons concern we lift them by name to God thanking him that he knows us completely and cares for all our needs. We focus on God rather than the person’s problem and ask that they may receive from the Father the good gifts he wants to give. Speaking words of scripture over them as the Spirit leads.

 We wait in attentive silence as the Spirit flows


We speak to the person with the authority that Jesus has given his church with words such as

 [Name] “The Spirit of the living God, present with us now enter you, body mind and spirit and heal you from that which harms you in the name of Jesus”.

 [Name] “Jesus is the light of the world and we focus that healing light upon you now”.

 [Name]” We do this In the name of Jesus of Nazareth because the father loves you. We claim the power of the Holy Spirit to heal you”.


Words of blessing conclude our time of healing prayer such as:-

[Name]” May the Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you his peace. Amen”


Our church; we are a Christian community who try to love God and try to love people. If you would like to know more you are very welcome to spend time with us.


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