Aston Clinton Baptist Church

I am creating all things new

Revelation 21.5


“He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making all things new!”

There seem to be so many upgrades to mobile phones and tablets these days, I can’t keep up as they all communicate “Out with the old In with the new”.

The “new and improved version” can be the tired old advertising technique that rightly arouses our suspicion but not so with this promise “I am making all things new” because it comes from God who is utterly faithful.

We are promised that there will come a day of new things, when God dwells once again with humanity in harmony. A day when God has reserved for himself the task of wiping every tear from the eye, when all suffering ceases, no more death or mourning or crying will be heard because there will be no more cause, a day when all things are made new.It will not be a day when all new things will be made, but a day when all things are made new.

 There will not be a discarding of what has gone before, as if it no longer matters and can be scrapped and replaced by the shiny new version. No on that day all things are renewed, perfected, completed and that is important, the ultimate upgrade. God doesn’t make all new things, he makes all things new, and that includes all who follow him. So as we enter another New Year with those resolutions, hopes & dreams which may be a little too familiar to the ones we have the year before, know that God is at work seeking your permission to upgrade your life.

May you experience the blessing and Shalom of God, Father, Son & Spirit in 2020