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Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name “Immanuel” (which means, God with us) Matthew 1.23

“God with us”

During the Welsh revival, when thousands experienced the touch of God deep within their lives, there was found carved into the wood of a railway carriage these words: -


Maybe in protest the author meant to say – “God is nowhere”. But for many thousands the testimony was – “God is now here”.

The arrival of God amongst us, coming with the intention of saving us, is not only the story of the Welsh revival, and many others, it is the Christmas story a story we are soon to celebrate.

But it is only part of a greater story and that story can include you, the reader of this article, for Christmas forms part of a larger story, a meta-narrative of God’s determination to rescue humanity from destruction.

His sovereign will, enacted over centuries, resulted in the Christmas event. God took on flesh and entered our world in the vulnerability of an embryo within a primitive culture enduring a period of military occupation and religious ferment.

Mary welcomed him, Herod hounded him, some followed him, others crucified him, but none could rid themselves of him.

Truly Jesus was and is “God with us” for the tomb could not hold him, heaven applauded him and today the spirit testifies about him – he is risen and will return in judgement fully to usher in the new age when once again the dwelling of God is with man.

May you experience the reality of Immanuel and know heaven’s peace and joy as you welcome Jesus this Christmas.