Aston Clinton Baptist Church


Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me

Revelation 3:20

These are familiar words in the church, the source of artistic inspiration (not least Holman Hunt’s ‘Light of the world’) and the basis of the evangelist’s appeal for non-believers to open their heart’s long unopened door to Jesus.

But what sort of meal does Jesus want to share with us? A drive-thru snack or something richer? 

The culture ofJesus’ day gives us a choice of three. The morning toast and coffee [Greek akratisma] a brief meal of dried bread dipped in wine. The lunchtime sandwich eaten at the desk whilst replying to emails [Greek ariston] a midday picnic meal. The evening meal shared at home with loved ones and friends –{Greek deipnon} the main meal of the day over which people lingered for the work of the day was done.

It is the third meal that is on offer when Jesus knocks, not a meal to be eaten on the run, nor a meal that sees us mindlessly munching whilst concentrating on the pressing events of the day but the savoured meal with friends. A meal where the past can be reviewed, the future discussed whilst present in the moment. 

So Jesus probably doesn’t do a drive-thru, at least not in this context. When he knocks it is his time he is offering and our time that he is after. 

These words are addressed to a church who left their Lord outside seeking access but they apply equally to an individual and a community. The decision to grant access and feast together in friendship rests with us.

Revd Nick Harris